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Complex Egyptian wellness body treatment with massage:

Complex Egyptian wellness body treatment with massage:

Coconut-orange body peeling, detoxifying salt-massage, goat milk bodywrap with aromatic oils, face massage and Cleopatra treatment (magnetic cellulite massage and treatment with hot roll-shaped device)

  • Egyptian body toning, skin rejuvenating body mask and body wrap: Used substances: aloe, honey, goat milk and aromatic oils.

    Breast firming treatment

    Massage with ground coffee beans: Anti-cellulite and skin tightening treatment

    Aztec chocolate wrap and whole-body massage: This treatment provides a novel, incredible experience to the ladies of the 21st century. After the ritual generates a rebirth of body and soul, the skin gets rejuvenated. During the treatment, endorphin, happiness hormone is produced by the body, it creates the pleasure of vivid happiness.
    It has anti-lipid and fat burning effects, and it moisturizes the skin.
    The massage given after the chocolate wrap has an amazing anti-cellulite effect, the skin becomes unbelievably soft, silky, and smooth.

    Aztec chocolate massage with honey massage and hot rolling

    Hot lava stone massage

    Cupping and body shaping, vacuum treatment with cellulite body-brush massage:
    Traditional treatment applying cup and rubber bells, creating vacuum-effeect on certain parts of the body. Apart from skin tightening, it this treatment heals chronic pain, acute illnesses, it efficiently cures colds, and fever.

    Harmonizing stress releasing treatment with Tibetan singing bowls:
    This special massage completes theTibetan singing bowl treatment.

    Please, contact me over the phone or via e-mail about the course dates.
    Adress: 4028, Debrecen, Árpád tér 24.
    Mobile: +36 30/286-7946

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