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Esoteric weekend(s) for 2 persons

Esoteric weekend(s) for 2 persons

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To make the program complex, we offer comforting and toning body treatments that help the detoxifying of body and soul. These are generated both by inner and outer methods. You can choose from: Eastern massage types, body wraps, moisturizing lymphatic drainage massage...

  • - Medical-naturopathic body analysis

    - lifestyle consultation

    - solving conflicts and the causes of emotional problems with holistic methods

    - drawing course

    - learning meridian line massage techniques of the Far-East

    - Japanese block release spine exercise

    - divination and personality development games

    - mind control

    - holistic massage

    - personalized problem-solving strategies

    - meditation, conversation

    Length of the program:


    Day 1:

    13:00- Medical and naturopathic body analysis and personalized consultation in the order of arrivals, harmonizing body and soul with Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage (30min. gratis treatment)
    17:00-18:00 Informative wellness-medical lecture about the mystic healing techniques 
    18:00-19:00 Optional: Acquiring meridian massage techniques of the Far-East (on massage mattress, in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing). An unforgettable experience and useful knowledge in our everyday lives. 
    19:00-20:00 Dinner
    20:00- Meditation. The creative intelligence. Guided meditation, conversation, questions to the instructor.


    Day 2:
    08:00-09:00 Japanese block release spine exercise 
    09:00-10:00 Breakfast
    10:30-12:00 Holistic drawing course. We learn to recognize beauty. We step into the world of dreams!
    12:00-13:00 Optional: Holistic drawing course and harmonizing hand-, head-, or face massage. 
    13:00-15:00 Lunch, optional programs (massages, biophysical methods, mediation) 
    The package contains 60 min. lymphatic-drainage massage. Recommended, optional: lava stone massage and Tibetan sound massage. 
    15:00-18:00 Optional: Holistic drawing course for a rich and colorful self-expression. 
    18:00-19:00 Problem-solvong “divination”, personality development board games, mind control, or teaching holistic massage. 
    19:00-20:00 Dinner
    20:00- meditation and conversation


    Day 3:
    08:00-09:00 Meridian line harmonizing exercise
    09:00-10:00 Breakfast 
    10:00-13:00 Optional: Learning short meditation techniques for home use. Closing meditation.
    13:00-15:00 lunch, optional programs (massages, biophysical methods, meditation, body analysis check-up)






    The frame-program in this case is acquiring the art of holistic drawing..

    To make the program complex, we offer comforting and toning body treatments that help the detoxifying of body and soul. These are generated both by inner and outer methods. You can choose from: Eastern massage types, body wraps, moisturizing lymphatic drainage massage, diet consultations, herbs, meditations. 
    The body analysis is done by a medical expert diagnostician and naturopath.
    The problem solving strategies are personalized, and can be followed at home, based on the lifestyle consultation.
    Besides massages, exercises and meditations, we can reach outstanding results with the creative problem solving, holistic, drawing course, which has been applied for years by our medical expert, to resolve the patients’ emotional conflicts. The main theme of the 3 days program is the right hemisphere drawing course. 
    The right hemisphere viewpoint teaches us to think through drawing. We xan successfully discover and solve the emotional blocks and backgrounds of countless physical problems by using the right hemisphere view at a meditative level. All kinds of problems, relationship, health (body, mind, soul), any organizational or work-connected issues can be successfully handled.
    Even three days can help us on the road to a richer, deeper and more opulent self-expression. At the same time, we have to understand ourselves, as well. The first steps can be these three days. During this program, we can get the gift of recognizing beauty all around us, and in the World. We step into the World of Dreams! 
    This means that during these three days we work on our Self, ourselves, which is alwaays worth the energy and time. In order to reach complete recreation, we offer comforting massages, and the acquiring of useful health practices in our schedule. During these days, we regularly practice refreshing and relaxing exercises.

    5 days and 7 days programs They include the teaching of advanced level figure and perspective sketch and drawing. 
    The program can be divided into two parts, a 3-dayss part, detailed above, and a 4-days part. Apart from the above mentioned knowledge that one can gain in our courses, intuitive thinking and more methods can be acquired, in order to successfully transform ourselves and to be able to help other people, too. We can work on our relationships with our loved ones, for example. That is, apart from gaining useful practices for home, we also learn professional methods to help people at expert levels. 
    We can acquire one of the following block-release Eastern massages: Thai, Japanese, or Chinese (about which we decide together after the introductory lecture). This three days period is going to be a great opportunity to start getting to know ourselves as a start. Furthermore, various techniques and knowledge can be gained about the world of diets, teas, herbal medicine, and the secret of humaneness. The daily programs are going to be closedd down with personalized treatments, meditations, personality developing board games, and conversations. 
    We take care of the unforgettable atmosphere with surprises, gratis wellness treatments that our guests can win: chocolate wrap, honey massage, ayurvedic treatments, tropical fruit mask, coconut peeling.

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