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Detoxifying holiday for 1 person

Detoxifying holiday for 1 person

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Our diet and detoxification programs are based on, and started with a medical-naturopathic body analysis, and they are wholly under medical and naturopathic control, with consultations. 



    Our complex program lies on three basic pillars:


    • Massage treatments, body cosmetic methods, exercises
    • Diets, vegetable juices, teas and herbal products
    • Detoxification of the soul, after a medical.-naturopathci body analysis
    Discovering the emotional, psychosomatic roots of symptoms with personalized consultation, releasing these blocks in a holistic, intuitive way, with right hemisphere drawing

    Our diet and detoxification programs are based on, and started with a medical-naturopathic body analysis, and they are wholly under medical and naturopathic control, with consultations. The mental and emotional techniques – meditations, lifestyle consultation, and personality developing games, „divinations”, right hemisphere drawing, and the learning of massages for home use (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, ayurvedic, head massages) – have direct and long-term effects as well. this manifests itself in the decrease of physical and psychic symptoms, inner and outer beauty and in the feeling of fulfilment. The holistic, creative problem-solving drawing course helps to discover the causes of the accumulated physical and psychic toxins, emotional conflicts, and the not yet conscious psychological cause of overweight. This method has been successfully applied by our medical expert in order to resolve patients’ emotional conflicts. The meditative, right hemisphere viewpoint teaches us to think through drawing. This can be useful at all walks of life: partnerships, health problems (both physical and psychic), organizational or work problems.
    The use of diets, vegetable juices, teas and herbal products is easy to learn during 3 days, altthough their effects are more effiecient and more visible after a one-week program.
    Our guests get body cosmetic treatments ecery day (body wraps, body masks, peelings, cellulite-brush massage), detoxifying massages (honey massage, lymphatic drainage massage), and exercises (cellulite exercise, Japanese spine exercise etc.) are also included in the daily schedule.
    Besides the above mentioned, we offer a 30% discount for the participants of our 3-days and one-week programs on the following, body and soul rejuvenating, exotic treatments: chocolate wrap, lava stone massage, singing bowl massage, Chinese Tui Na meridian massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Yumeiho, Thai massage, Hawaiian lomi lomi, Caribbean massage etc.). We also offer discount prices on personal counselling and natural products, so that our guests will be able to continue the program at home.




    - medical-naturopathic body analysis
    - lifestyle consultation
    - diets
    - applying herbs (inner, outer)
    - body treatments
    - Tibetan massage
    - lymphatic drainage massage
    - body wraps
    - anti-cellulite exercise
    - stress releasing and detoxifying feet bath
    - reflexology massage
    - meditations, conversation

    Day 1.
    13.00-17.00 Medical and naturopathic body analysis (aimed at harmonizing and healing), and personalized consultation in the order of arrivals. Caribbean coconut-ginger-orange body scrub and relaxing Indonesian massage (30 min. gratis treatment)
    17.00-17.30 Informative wellness-medical lecture about the effects of wellness treatments, with ’In practice’ presentation
    17.30-19.00 Optional: Acquiring Thai feet massage techniques, useful help in our everryday lives.
    19.00-20.00 Dinner
    20.00 Guided detoxifying meditation, techniques for letting go, conversation, questions and answers to and from the instructor.
    21.00 Stress-release and detoxifying feet bath, and reflexology massage

    Day 2.
    08.00-08.45 Cleansing yoga, breathing techniques
    09.00-10.00 Breakfast
    11.00-12.00 Presentation about herbal teas, herbs, and detoxifying cures.
    12.00-13.00 Optional: Detoxification, ear massage (or ear acupuncture), Thai feet massage training II.
    13,00-15,00 Lunch, optional programs (massages, biophysical methods, meditation)
    The package price contains 60 min. lymphatic drainage massage.
    Optional, recommended: 30min. reflexology treatment, lava stone massage, Tibetan sound massage
    15.00-16.00 Acquiring detoxification massage techniques, and skin moisturizing self-massage techniques
    16.00-19.00 Optional: Introduction to the wellness ceremonies of ancient cultures
    19.00-20.00 Dinner
    20.00- Chakra cleansing, guided detoxifying meditation, conversation, questions to the instructor.

    Day 3.
    08.00-08.45 Meridian line harmonizing exercises
    09.00-10.00 Breakfast
    10.00-13.00 Optional: Learning palm- and facial massage for home use. Closing meditation.
    13.00-15.00 Lunch, optional programs (massages, biophysical methods, meditation, body analysis check-up)

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