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Medical-naturopathic body analysis

Medical-naturopathic body analysis

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The first part of the analysis is done with a gadget, which discovers and maps the energy field of physical and psychic problems. 

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The first part of the analysis is done with a gadget, which discovers and maps the energy field of physical and psychic problems. Apart from detailing the state and functioning of our organ systems, it also informs us about our emotional well-being and the state of the meridian line. It shows deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, furthermore indicates food intolerances and allergies, intoxications, environmental harm, the state of joints and the relationship between these versatile factors.
This diagnostic method measures the harmful effects on our information systems: environmental harm, physical and emotional stress, heavy metals, toxins, and germs in order to heal and prevent diseases. An accurate result is generated by the computer software, which compares and contrast the patients’ present state to thousands of samples stored in its database, the process lasts merely for seconds. Each and every information piece id important, as the most serious problems could have been solved, if they were recognized early enough. Therefore, the lifestyle consultation lead by our medical-naturopathic expert is really important.
we can get a detailed view of our digestive system, the organs in charge of detoxification, the operation of the liver, kidneys, lung, skin, and immune system, and about the state of our heart and circulation, and our memory. The recommended inner and outer detoxification methods have both physical and psychological effects. Warning factors can be toxins and malfunction in the acid-base balance, so curing and preventing them is significant.
The body analysis and the medical expert’s advices can lend a helping hand, even parallel to other medical treatments. The analysis and the consultation complete each other this way.
The comforting and toning body treatments provide detoxification of body and soul. These are completed with inner and outer methods: massages, wraps, lymphatic drainage, diet consultation, herbs, and meditations. The students of the trainings and courses can already experience the beneficial effects of the massages during the courses.
If demanded, patients can choose a body analysis, which is lead by a medical and naturopathic expert. Problem-solving is personalized and can be continued at home based on the lifestyle consultation.
Based on years of medical, naturopathic and teacher’s experience, we teach such impressive massage systems that brought success to many of our students in creating and reaching a sense of well-being and in forming long-term relationships. A meditative get-in-tune, the release of the so far accumulated negative thoughts, and the acceptance and reflection of positive experiences are of utmost importance.

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