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Optional programs (at a discount price for the guest of Creative Recreation Holidays): 

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Traditional Thai massage
Traditional treatment for healing and preventing spinal disc hermiation, rheumatic diseases, lumbago, muscle pain, cardiovascular problems, exhaustion, it releases blocks and aligns body posture. It is an excellent way of stimulating blood circulation. The gentle movements resolve the blocks and tension of the muscles and joints, and stimulate circulation.

Japanese Shiatsu meridian massage
We redress the balance in the function of the organs by harmonizing the energy lines. A great way of harmonizing body, soul and mind, it restates the balance of internal organs, useful against fatigue, relaxes the nerves. This is one of the best ways of stress-relief. In the 21at century, a lot of illnesses are caused by stress; Shiatsu provides one of the most efficient ways of releasing the stress of our accelerated world. This massage is very pleasant and helps prevention.

Japanese Yumeiho: Tjis method was developed by a Japanese professor, Mr. Masayuki, who created a massage of the elements of ancient Japanese, Thai and Chinese treatments. This massage restates and harmonizes the balance of the locomotive system that is, the healthy position of the spinal vertebras, the flexibility of muscles and bones, and the recovery of the vertebral disc. By resolving blocks, it stimulates the blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the general state of the organ system.

Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage
Hawaiian lomi-lomi is the wellness of body and soul, which ensures the perfect relaxation. It is an ancient stress release method, in which the massage and the art of mental healing create an impressive combination. The body is lead back to the careless sensation of Paradise, the chemical balance of the body is recreated. The technique is different from the usual massage types. The palms and the lower arms are used, to create cyclic movements and to generate a pleasant feeling in the whole body.

Aztec chocolate wrap and whole-body massage: This treatment provides a novel, incredible experience to the ladies of the 21st century. After the ritual generates a rebirth of body and soul, the skin gets rejuvenated. During the treatment, endorphin, happiness hormone is produced by the body; it creates the pleasure of vivid happiness.
It has anti-lipid and fat burning effects, and it moisturizes the skin.
The massage given after the chocolate wrap has an amazing anti-cellulite effect, the skin becomes unbelievably soft, silky, and smooth.

Lymphatic drainage massage
This method is based on years of medical research, and it is proved to be effective in treatments of lymph oedema and other lymph-related diseases. Outstanding results can be reached in the cases of cellulites, oedema, and overweight. Lymphatic drainage massage is a method that moisturizes the body, releases emotional blocks and stress, calms the nerves, strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body by palpating and stimulating the lymphatic flow. The treatment is done with essential oils, which increases the efficiency of the applied massage techniques in the cases of wrinkles, stretch marks, and exhaustion. It activates the natural ability of the cells and tissues so that they can re-establish themselves.

Thai feet massage
Thai feet massage is not only a refreshing massage! The various special hand techniques treat the leg versatile. It calms and stimulates every inch of the feet, the legs and the knees. Furthermore, by using the knowledge and methods of reflexology, and by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet, this massage heals our inner organ systems as well.

Chinese, Indian, Hawaiian head massages with head reflexology treatment!

You can ask for a 25 minutes intordductory treatment for 4500 HUF of every 50 minutes long or longer treatment.

Contact : Dr. Molnár Csaba Tel. +36-30-286-79-46

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