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  Advanced Toning Body Contouring at the Level of Body and Soul

Toning - advanced: it does not only mean losing weight, slim waist, firmer buttocks and breasts. As a first step we can learn more than thirty exotic methods to serve this purpose, as a result of 25 years of collecting.

Secrets of Indonesian Women

If you order our book entitled Secrets of Indonesian Women we offer a special gift, a cellulite brush, which helps you in toning!

About the cellulite brush:
Itcan be used with body lotion during sauna or bathing for self-massage. Stimulates blood circulation by rubbing, beause of the magnets the stagnant blood cell membranes begin to operate, thus more oxygen-rich blood flows in our veins. Detoxification will be more intense. It also helps the flow of energy.

Thousand good herbs, thousand good words (COMING SOON)

The advanced level has a more higher level: "Vibration and harmonization," which methods are presented in the Body shaping, volume II.

Archaic toning (COMING SOON)

(Paleo Archeo and wellness in the ancient era) Based on archaeological findings of ancient cultures.


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